Arogya Sandhan

A registered society for Health Care and Education for less privileged
16 Years' Dedicated Service To The Society

Our Mission

We, members of Arogya Sandhan commit to
Stand by the less privileged people in their health care through medical camps, charitable dispensaries and establishment of hospital
Select less privileged students and extend all out support in continue their education till they are self-reliant
Stand by senior citizens in their distress and provide them every thing for peacfull life
Not to discriminate any one for caste creed and religion
To continue to donate as per our individual capability and offer selfless service,therefore, we are committed to spend 100% of the donation for which it is received
To collect donation/subscription/sponsorships from haves and to distribute among have-nots for sustenance of the organization
Maintain transparency, honesty and dedicated service

Our Vision

A well educated, disease-free, healthy society in which less privileged people should get preference for their care and upliftment irrespective of caste, creed, religion